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Biden: Every American is eligible to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, starting today

US President Joe Biden announced that as of today every American is eligible to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, calling on everyone to obtain vaccines in order to protect themselves, their families and their families from Corona infection, and he tweeted on his Twitter account, saying: “As of today, every American "Eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For yourself, your neighbors and your family - please, get your vaccine."

And US President Joe Biden celebrated the progress made by the vaccination plan and the granting of Corona virus vaccines to Americans, saying: "Evidence that there is nothing that America cannot achieve when it works together." Vaccinations are proof that there is nothing that America cannot achieve when we do this together. "

Biden had previously said that the United States had provided more than 150 million vaccine doses since he took office in January, indicating in a speech at the White House about his administration's efforts to distribute coronavirus vaccines throughout the country, "We passed 150 million doses in 75 days, the first 75 days of my administration. "

The president indicated that he had visited a vaccination site in Virginia earlier, describing it as "an example for America at its best," but Biden warned that even with the increase in vaccinations, the variants of the Corona virus are also spreading rapidly, and the President urged Americans to be vigilant about wearing Masks and practicing social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.

"Let me be completely honest with you: we're not at the finish line," Biden said, urging seniors to get vaccinated "now," before all adults become eligible for the vaccine on April 19.

Biden announced that all American adults will be eligible to receive the Corona virus vaccine by April 19, thus bringing the previous deadline set for him on May 1 by about two weeks.