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Barra Al-Malaeb .. Jannat El Hadidy, basketball player: I love Yasmine Sabry and myself to be an actress

Away from sports and competition halls, there is another aspect in the players ’lives at the level of individual or team games, this aspect in which the players are stripped of the championships and titles that have been achieved at their hands, and through it they show their interest in their personal life and their hobbies, and the star of today in Barra the stadium is Jannat Al Haidi, a football player The basket is at Smouha Club, which is one of the most prominent stars of the game because it participated in many tournaments at the junior level, the last of which was the coronation of the Republic Championship with its team this week, and it also shines in terms of elegance and elegance outside the competition halls.

What is your favorite hobby apart from sports?

Reading, I love reading very much.


What food do you excel in cooking?

Chicken Albanian, easy and loved.

Who is your favorite star?

Ahmed Ezz follows everything he presents, be it movies or series.


Who is your favorite singer?

Tamer Hosny, all his songs are sweet.


If you weren't a player you would have liked to have been?

an actress.

When are you running across the street ... What would your reaction be?

There is no need, ignoring the situation as if it had never been.


Who of the movie stars would you like to be like?

Yasmine Sabry is sweet and beautiful.


Do you like casual or formal clothes?

Casual, of course, because it is easier to deal with daily because I am athletic.


And if you were to get married, would you like to be associated with an athlete in your major, and there is no other job?

The best is an athlete, to assess the conditions for training and matches.


If he asked you to lose the sport, what would you do?

I will refuse, of course, because I cannot accept sports.