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An American research institute launches experiments to produce a Corona vaccine in the form of capsules

Scientists at the Chan Sun Sheung Research Institute in Los Angeles, USA, are testing whether the oral vaccine might work better or better than the current injection coronavirus vaccines. Exactly the vaccine method, but only to complement the protection it provides, by giving the vaccine orally.

Sheung thinks a combination of syringes and capsules could be the solution, while trials with healthy volunteers are still ongoing and an oral vaccine is unlikely to be available for another 12 months.

The scientific team working on research, development, experiment and testing said that this oral vaccine is likely to be the best protection against the Corona virus and its mutations.

Dr. Tara Serry, one of the participants in the experiments, explained that obtaining a vaccine at room temperature can turn the balance. The oral vaccine is part of an experimental protocol that is being tested on healthy volunteers and does not require special cooling temperatures and can be stored at room temperature.

The researchers are testing four different methods because they are not yet sure whether the pill vaccine itself is strong enough to stop transmission.Some volunteers get an injection and others don't (and they get the capsule vaccine instead), and they get Some are on a group that includes one injection and two types of pills, and researchers are conducting experiments with healthy volunteers under the age of 55 who have not yet been infected with the Coronavirus.