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Ahmed Nagy: Musimani is quick to involve Al-Shennawi ... and the Olympian needs Salah and Hijazi

Ahmed Nagy, the coach of Hurras Marmi at Smouha Club, commented on his team's victory over Al-Ahly with two goals against one goal in the match that brought them together in the eleventh round postponed of the Egyptian League Championship. After many hiccups after 12 draws in the league. "


The Smouha coach added: "If we won two or three matches, we would have topped the Egyptian league table."


He continued, "We have a great international goalkeeper, and we expected him to join the team in the last camp."


Regarding Al-Shenawi’s mistake, he said: “Al-Shennawi is a great guard, and the mistake is common with Al-Ahly's defenders, adding that the biggest guards in the world make a mistake.”


He explained: "It was assumed that Lotfi would start the match instead of El-Shenawi, especially as he was out of his form and with great confidence after his brilliance in the summit match against Zamak."


And about the Olympic team being in the group of death, he commented that if the team were to seek the help of three players, Muhammad Al-Shennawi would be among them, because he had many experiences, despite the team's possession of great guards, besides Mohamed Salah, he could include Ahmed Hegazy.


Al-Ahly wasted the opportunity to seize the top of the general league early after it received its first defeats in the competition at the hands of Smouha, to be satisfied with staying in the top of the table, as Al-Ahmar lost two goals to a goal against the Alexandrian club in the match that was held at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium yesterday evening Wednesday and postponed from the 11th round The general league, and Al-Ahly's defeat is the first for the team in the league in Mosimane wilaya, which took over the task in early October of last year.

The loss of Al-Ahly from Smouha froze the balance of the red giant at 30 points in the league title, behind the leaders Zamalek by 3 points, and left for the red giant 5 matches postponed, while the White Knight has 3 matches remaining, and if Al-Ahly wins with its deferrals, it will raise its balance to the point 45, and if Zamalek wins its deferrals, it will raise its balance to point 42 The red genie is in the lead, only three points ahead of the white knight, and there is still the summit match in the second round of the two teams, scheduled for May 10.