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A medical smear for the Ceramica players in preparation for facing war production

The players of the first football team of the Ceramica Club and the technical, medical and administrative staff underwent a medical examination before the start of today's training, in preparation for the upcoming war production confrontation in the Premier League competition.

The team members attended before the start of the training session, and underwent a medical swab in order to early detection of the emerging corona virus, Covid 19, and to preserve the safety of the players and the device, before participating in this important meeting.

Ceramica will host the Military Production team at 5 pm next Sunday, at the new Suez Stadium stadium, in the eighteenth round matches of the Premier League competition.

And Ceramica Club had received an official letter from the Egyptian Football Association, informing him of the postponement of the first team football match with El Entag El Harby in the Premier League competition.

It was supposed to meet Ceramica with El Entag El Harby, at 5 pm last Wednesday, at the new stadium of Suez, within the matches of the eighteenth round of the Premier League competition.

According to the letter received by the Ceramica Club, the match will be held at 5 pm next Sunday, corresponding to the eleventh of April, at the new Suez Stadium.