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A joint cooperation protocol between the "Protection of Competition" and "the Egyptian Tax Authority"

Dr. Mahmoud Mumtaz - Head of the Authority for the Protection of Competition and the Prevention of Monopolistic Practices, and Reza Abdel Qader - Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, signed a joint cooperation protocol; To unify efforts and promote common interests and to achieve the public interest of the Egyptian state.


The cooperation protocol comes within the framework of the state’s orientation towards linking all government agencies and agencies, in a manner that facilitates cooperation between them so that each party can perform its work in the manner required by law and in a way that leads to improving the environment for practicing economic activity and advancing the welfare of citizens.


The cooperation protocol aims to support all means of cooperation between the two parties in a way that serves the public interest, and to develop and raise the efficiency of the workers of both parties by holding workshops and training courses to raise awareness of the provisions of the Competition Protection Law and the provisions of the tax laws in force in the Egyptian Tax Authority and exchange technical support.


It was agreed to form a committee to follow up the implementation of the protocol and remove any obstacles that may prevent its optimal implementation, provided that it meets periodically with the aim of strengthening the common interest, coordination and reviewing the implementation measures taken by each of the parties, and discussing other issues of common interest for both parties.