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7 habits to avoid in Ramadan, including drinking tea after eating and overeating protein

Ramadan is the month of spirituality for the body, mind and spirit, and there are many people who commit bad habits during the holy month that negatively affect their physical and mental health, so it is important to avoid any unhealthy practices during this month.

Here are 7 unhealthy habits to avoid during Ramadan, according to "saudigazette":

1- Eat quickly during breakfast, it is best to drink a cup or two of warm water first before starting to eat, as the water helps cleanse the body.

2- Avoid bad moods when waking up because this will negatively affect you throughout the day. Fasting is treating yourself and others well, and a large part of the fasting process is finding your inner peace.

3- Avoid sleeping immediately after eating breakfast, because this may lead to gaining more weight and a decrease in the metabolism process.

4- Avoid drinking tea immediately after breakfast because it absorbs calcium and iron and reduces the body's use of food, so it is best to drink it at least two hours after breakfast.

5- Avoid eating sweets immediately after breakfast to avoid high blood sugar, it is best to eat them three hours after breakfast.

6- Avoid eating large amounts of protein because that causes indigestion and constipation.

7- Avoid lack of or excessive sleep during Ramadan, because the new sleep patterns will negatively affect your body as well as your mood and cause headaches and other illnesses.