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7 crucial confrontations in the Italian League title struggle

The race to compete for the title of the Italian league this season 2020-2021 enters its decisive stages after the end of the international suspension period, in light of the strong struggle between the four quarters of Inter Milan, Milan, Juventus and Atalanta to claim the title.

Inter Milan tops the Italian league table this season with 65 points, with a postponed match remaining with the Sassuolo team, 6 points ahead of the runner-up Milan, with 59 points, then Atalanta in third place with 55 points, ahead of Juventus, who is fourth. Juventus have a postponed match with Napoli.

In the following report, we review 7 critical encounters in the race to be crowned with the Calcio title:

Napoli x Inter Milan

Inter Milan is facing a strong confrontation with its host, Napoli, at the "Diego Armando Maradona" stadium, in the 31st round competitions scheduled for April 18th.

Juventus x Inter Milan

The Calcio leaders will face a strong confrontation with the defending champions in their stronghold, "Allianz" stadium, in the 37th and penultimate round competitions on May 16th.

Lazio x Milan

The Rossoneri will be a guest at the Nusour Al-Asimah team in the 33rd round, which will be hosted by the "Olympic" stadium, scheduled for April 26.

Juventus x Milan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's companions are facing another difficult confrontation against their host Juventus at the "Allianz" stadium, in the 35th round, scheduled for May 9th.

Atalanta x Milan

The Calcio runner ends the current season with a difficult confrontation against his host, Atalanta, in the 38th and final round, on May 23.

Juventus x Napoli

Juventus will host its counterpart, the southern Italian team, at the "Allianz" stadium, in the postponed match of the third round, scheduled for April 7.

Atalanta x Juventus

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo's comrades are in a difficult confrontation with their host Atalanta, in the 31st round, scheduled for April 18th.