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5 information about the match between Zamalek and the Arab Contractors in the league today

A heavy-caliber confrontation will take place in the league this evening, with Zamalek and Al-Mokawloon Al Arab, in the 18th round of the League, which is considered one of the most important stations for the team’s competition for the league title, where both teams are looking for victory, and the team that gets match points will be considered 6 points.

The date of the match between Zamalek and the Arab Contractors today


The Zamalek and Arab Contractors match will be held at 9:30 pm and will be broadcast on Ontime Sport 1

Zamalek ranking in the league table


Zamalek is ranked first with 39 points, collected from 17 games, as it won 12 games, drew 3 games and lost two games, and its players scored 30 goals and conceded 9 goals.

Contractors ranking in the league table


Al-Mokawloon team ranks 13th with 18 points, collected from 18 matches, as the team won 5 matches, tied in 3 matches, lost 10 matches, and its players scored 18 goals and conceded 25 goals.

The expected formation of Zamalek


Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Jensh

Defense line: Hazem Imam - Muhammad Abdul-Ghani - Mahmoud Alaa - Abdullah Jumaa

Midfield: Tariq Hamed - Ferjani Sassi

Offensive line: Youssef Obama - Ashraf Bin Sharqi - Zizou - Hamid Haddad.

The expected formation of the Arab Contractors


Mahmoud Abu Al Saud in the goalkeeper

Back line quadrant: Hassan Al-Shami, Muhammad Samir, Faruqa Nour al-Din, Basem Ali.

Midfielders: Ahmed El-Shimi, Youssef El-Gohary, Karim Mostafa, Mohamed Majali, Mohamed Hamdi Zaki.

Offensive line: Louis Edward