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4 people were killed in two separate shooting incidents in Maryland, USA

4 people were killed in two separate shooting incidents in the US state of Maryland, according to what the police said today, Saturday, and a woman was killed after she was shot while sitting in a car in Rogers Heights, and the police found the victim and announced her death at the scene, according to "Russia Today." ".

The American "Fox News" website said that after this accident, 3 others were killed after they received gunshots inside another car only six miles from the site of the first accident, and police officers are currently working to determine whether the shooting incidents are related or not, while not being carried out. Disclosure of the names and ages of the victims.

On the other hand, three people were killed and four others wounded by gunfire in the city of Wilmington, North Carolina, from Friday night to Saturday, according to local security, according to "Russia Today."

Wilmington Police Chief, Donny Williams, told local TV station WECT that the accident occurred during an evening in a house west of the city, where "at least seven people who were there were shot, and three of them died."

Williams added that the shooters' motives have not been revealed yet, adding that police are currently working on identifying the suspects.