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20 Taliban militants were killed and wounded in military operations in Afghanistan

Today, Wednesday, the Afghan army announced that 15 Taliban militants were killed and 5 others were injured during military operations carried out by the army and security forces in Panjwai district, Kandahar province.

In a statement reported by the Afghan Khama Press Agency, the Afghan Defense Ministry stated that the army forces, with the support of air support, carried out operations in the Panjwai district in Kandahar, confirming the destruction of some weapons and ammunition of the Taliban during the operation.

The statement added that the armed forces discovered and defused 310 different types of improvised explosive devices designed to target civilians and security forces in Arghandab and Panjway provinces in the region.

In another security incident, Balkh Police Headquarters reported that gunmen on a motorbike shot the guards of the newly built Balkh University on Wednesday morning, confirming that efforts are underway to identify the perpetrators.

The Balkh province is one of the most relatively safe provinces of Afghanistan, but it has recently witnessed attacks on security forces and government employees, and the region has become insecure due to such security incidents.